Radio Systems Specialist

Brian Chrisman

Brian Chrisman

In 2002, Network and Academic Computing Services (NACS) created the Radio Systems Specialist position, in order to better serve our clients. The new position consolidated management of the 800MHz radio system and cellular carriers’ cell sites on campus, responsibilities which at that time were shared among several NACS staff. Brian Chrisman was hired to fill the new position.

Brian was previously employed by the Motorola vendor that maintains the radio infrastructure on campus. He was able to transition into the new position quickly because of prior experience with UCI’s 800MHz radio system.

Brian has diverse responsibilities, but some key ones are:

  • 800 MHz radio system administration, vendor coordination, performance analysis, and system maintenance/upgrades.
  • Customer service, analysis of campus radio needs for daily operations and emergency use, communications consulting, and radio training for campus departments.
  • Assessment of need for additional cell sites on campus with campus administration. Coordination with all responsible parties for planning and construction of sites.

Brian Chrisman is available on campus Monday through Friday. He can be reached at (949) 824-8151 or for assistance with campus radio communications.

Please visit the radio area on the NACS web page at for additional information.