NACS Labs Updated

NACS has implemented a number of new features and services related to the public PC and Macintosh computer labs NACS supports, including some labs managed in cooperation with other UCI departments.

The ArtsTEC Mac Lab in the Claire Trevor School of the Arts has been upgraded with 23 new dual-CPU Apple G5s with 1GB of memory and 160GB disk drives running OS X. Video Art students will once again have access to high-speed external (portable) Western Digital hard drives for spring quarter.

The MSTB Lab A (MSTB 210) 46-workstation lab has been upgraded to all-in-one computers with integrated 19″ LCD displays, 3 GHz Pentium-4 CPUs, 1GB of memory, and 160GB disk drives. Both MST Labs (A and B) are available for any UCI courses or for drop-in use when not scheduled for classes. 21 computers in the NACS Engineering Gateway Lab B were upgraded to Compaq 1.7 GHz Pentium-4 systems.

The Instructional Technology Center (ITC) Lab A and Lab B have been upgraded with all-in-one computers with 1Ghz Pentium-3 systems. The Library – Gateway Study Center 25-workstation Lab has been expanded to 50 workstations.

25 more SmartClassrooms have been installed, bringing the total to around 60. In addition to the SmartClassroom media equipment, the newest rooms feature new Dell GX270 2.8GHz Pentium-4 systems with 512MB of memory and 17-inch LCD monitors. Smartclassroom systems are configured according to campus lab standards.

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