Register your Server

As the number and severity of security challenges continues to grow, NACS works hard to ensure that UCInet remains a useful, robust, and safe place to work. Towards that end, NACS now offers campus units the opportunity to block incoming network connections to their systems. Connections initiated from systems on your network will continue to work, so typical usage such as web browsing, email, instant messaging, and so forth, will be unaffected.

In order to support those services on your systems that do rely on incoming connections (such as web servers), NACS offers server registration. Using a simple form, you can identify which systems, and which services on those systems, need to be accessible from off-campus.

A number of departments are already using server registration in conjunction with inbound connection blocking in order to improve the security of their environments with great success. It is a good idea to begin using server registration, even if you are not yet contemplating inbound connection blocking. To learn more, or to get started, please visit: