Campuswide Calendaring

Currently, campus departments use various solutions for keeping track of employee calendars, as well as scheduling group meetings and activities. However, these calendaring islands do not communicate with each other; any time a meeting involves personnel from multiple departments, it must be scheduled via voice- and e-mail.

As part of its Enterprise Services project, NACS is launching a campus calendaring service using CorporateTime from Corporate Software & Technologies. Our goal is to serve the campus’s needs in electronic calendaring and scheduling, and facilitate the growth of this service throughout UC Irvine.

This new service will allow users to track personal appointments, schedule meetings with one another, include a conference room if appropriate, track tasks and events, and check their calendars while away from their desks or traveling. Client software supports Macintosh, Windows and UNIX (Motif) computing environments, and optional software is available for synchronizing one’s calendar with a personal digital assistant (e.g. Palm Pilot).

Several schools and departments are participating in the initial rollout of this service. Interested users should contact theirComputing Support Coordinator for participation details. Departments who would like additional information on this service are invited to contact us at