Making Lists for UCI Computer Users

NACS operates UCI’s “LISTSERV” electronic mailing list server that hosts about 400 electronic mailing lists. NACS and other campus parties maintain a number of lists on that server for the benefit computer users and supporters. Those lists are summarized below:


Lists for Discussions and Announcements:  
Personal computing:  
Apple Macintosh: uci-mac
IBM’s OS/2 uci-os2
Microsoft Windows 95: uci-win95
Microsoft Windows NT: uci-winnt
Novell networks: uci-novell
cc:mail issues: uci-ccmail
Linux: uci-linux
The World Wide Web: uci-www
UCI Computing Support: ucicscg
Lists Just for Announcements:  
Commercial Unix systems:  
Digital Equipment Corp: uci-dec
Silicon Graphics, Inc: uci-sgi
Sun: uci-sun
Scheduled UCI network outages: uci-ops-net
UCI electricity/cooling outages: outages



For a complete list of UCI mailing lists, send a message to LISTSERV@UCI.EDU with just the word “lists” (no quotes) as its content. To join a mailing list, send a message to LISTSERV@UCI.EDU with “subscribe LISTNAME YOUR-NAME” as its content. For example,

“subscribe uci-mac John Smith”.

Many lists are archived in UCI’s gopher and/or in local USENET Newsgroups.

Computing Supporter Meetings

Every 2 months the staff who support computing and networking in UCI departments (Computing Support Coordinatorsor CSCs) meet to discuss issues and share ideas and information. At this month’s meeting, 16 CSCs heard from Garrett Hildebrand of NACS on the current status of UCI’s network. The CSC meetings are announced in the UCICSCG listserv, which anyone who supports computing is invited to join. The meetings are coordinated by Jan Vescera of NACS’Departmental and Distributed Computing Support group.

Delivering Your @UCI.EDU Electronic Mail

UCI’s Mail Transport Agents (MTAs) are the computers responsible for delivering electronic mail addressed to your “@UCI.EDU” e-mail address which is published in the UCI Phone book and elsewhere. NACS currently provides 4 MTA machines that are constantly on-the-job. Each day the MTA systems route an average of 40,000 messages. These machines also process e-mail sent from certain on-campus mail gateways to other destinations on and off-campus.

The MTA systems use the e-mail delivery information (called the”delivery point”) contained in UCI’s online directory database (Ph/Qi) to know where to deliver electronic mail. To be sure your @UCI.EDU mail is being delivered to your preferred electronic address, use the online directory update form:

The field labeled “email” is the delivery point, which should be your local computer ID, an @ sign, and the name of the mail system from which you read and process your mail.

Voice-mail Training

Not sure how to change your outgoing message in your Infomail box? Puzzled over just how call diversion works?NACS/Electronic Communication Services offers telephone and Infomail training classes free of charge to campus staff, faculty and student employees. The classes are conducted at the Electronic Communication Services office in our conference room. We cover everything from the basics to the creative, providing “hands on” training. You may sign up for a class by calling ECS at 824-5123 or by sending E-mail to

NACS Struggles While Others Eat Turkey

Equipment failures frustrated users and NACS alike when over the Thanksgiving holiday both the Educational Access (EA) systems serving 15,000 students and the E4E system serving 3,000 staff experienced considerable downtime. The most serious problems occurred with the EA systems resulting in 36 hours of down time and a day of lost e-mail. NACS staff invested 16 person hours over the holiday restoring service. NACS is evaluating the cause of these failures and will be taking steps to reduce the probability of similar failures in the future. We sincerely apologize to our clients for the loss of service, and greatly appreciate the understanding and patience from those affected.