ArtsTEC Computer Lab

ArtsTEC Lab

ArtsTEC Lab

The ArtsTEC Lab is a new computer-equipped classroom developed and maintained by the Claire Trevor School of the Arts and NACS.

Located at AITR 190 (building number 714 on the campus map), ArtsTEC is available for all regularly-scheduled UCI classes. ArtsTEC is equipped with a video projector, a DVD/VHS player, and 23 Macintoshes with Microsoft Office as well as applications such as Final Cut Pro, Photoshop and Illustrator. ArtsTEC is particularly well suited for the digital arts curriculum. The public lab (“Lab A”) in Engineering Gateway which offers similar systems is about to be retired.

When not scheduled for classes, the ArtsTEC is available for general drop-in use. UCInetIDs are required to gain access to the computers. During the school year (Fall/Winter/Spring quarters), lab hours are:

Mon-Thur 9am-9pm
Fri 9am-4pm
Sat 1pm-6pm

For equipment specs or complete list of installed s/w, please see . If you have any questions, please contact NACS.

Computer Lab Open House

An Open House will be held in Rooms 210 and 226 of the Multi-Purpose Science & Technology Building on Wednesday, March 26, from 12:00 noon to 2:00p.m. This event is being co-sponsored by NACS and Gateway Computers and will highlight the NACS MST computer lab.

Free food and beverages will be available at this event.

Computer Lab To Go

There are many times when it would be convenient to conduct a small workshop or seminar in a computer-equipped facility, but such rooms are few at UCI, and most are configured for larger numbers of participants.

Recognizing this, NACS acquired and implemented a “Mobile Computing Lab” (MCL). The MCL consists of 16 laptop computers equipped with wired and wireless networking capability. Now workshops and seminars which would benefit from computers require only an available room.

The NACS Mobile Computing Lab comprises 16 IBM Thinkpad a22m laptop computers, with 256MB memory, 20GB disks, CD, DVD, and floppy disk drives, 15″ screens, and 850MHz Pentium III CPUs. Also included are wireless ethernet (802.11b) PC cards, a 100 megabit/second hub, and a high-resolution LCD projector, all of which can be readily transported to any building and any room on the main campus.

With as little as a week’s notice, if the laptops are not already booked, a Windows 2000 or Windows XP configuration will be copied onto the systems, along with the majority of popular academic and productivity applications. With more time, any application needed can be licensed and installed as well.

The MCL has been successfully used many times, for uses ranging from Microsoft Office or CorporateTime training, to EEE seminars, through Windows XP system administration training. If you have a room, NACS can help you make it into a computer lab.

Computer Labs

NACS maintains six computer labs for campus use, and we have upgraded many of our systems to meet the demands of a new academic year.

The 25 Macintosh systems in Lab A (Engineering Gateway 1131) have been upgraded to 533Mhz G4 Towers with 15″ flat-panel displays and CD-RW drives.

The 46 computers in MSTB 210 have been upgraded to Gateway “Profile 3″ PCs featuring 1Ghz Intel Celeron processors, 512MB memory, and 15” flat-panel displays. The 733Mhz PCs which were used in this lab last year are now available in Lab C (Engineering Gateway 1151).

All of Knack’s PC labs now run Windows 2000 Professional and require a login process using UCInetIDs and passwords. It is necessary to activate one’s UCInetID before using these facilities. (See

For more information on the hardware and software available in NACS labs, along with locations, hours, and scheduling policies, please see Information on other public computing labs on campus can be found at

Windows Labs Use UCInetIDs

NACS has converted a number of computers in its drop-in PC labs to require UCInetID authentication.

For this initial phase, all the computers in Lab B (Engineering Gateway 1140) and half the systems in the NACS lab in HIB 343 use the new PC authentication system. If the system works as expected, NACS will convert all of its computer labs to the new scheme over the summer.

UCInetIDs (and their associated passwords) have been used as a means for delivering computer services for many years. Authentication is a term which means “proving who you are” to a computer. Certain computing resources need to be restricted to use by UCI affiliates and are thus tied to one’s “network identity.” Other times it is necessary, as with the recent student elections and changing one’s phone book data, to tie services to a single user.

In order to be able to use the PC authentication system, you need to sign up at A computer is available in the NACS labs for accessing this Web page. The new PC authentication program has been in place for only a few weeks and already over 1000 students, faculty, and staff have signed up.

NACS plans to offer other services in the near future through UCInetID authentication, including access to network file space for EA and E4E users. Authenticating from computer lab systems will thus enhance the range of services available to UCI users while working in the labs.