NACS Services

The following is a summary of NACS’ services, which we will elaborate on in future postings to NACS-News. You may also obtain more information by browsing our Web page at, or by contacting us via our NACS@UCI.EDU e-mail address.

User Assistance and Problem Reporting

  • NACS “Response Center”:
    • E-mail: NACS@UCI.EDU
    • Phone: (949) 824-6116
    • Location: Engineering Gateway 2130
    • Hours: 8 AM – 5 PM Monday – Friday
    • NACS information and problem reporting; help desk for key software and services (UCInetID’s, EA systems, Windows, MacOS, UNIX user interfaces; Word, Excel, Pine, Eudora, WAAT and MAAT (SLIP and modem use), ISP referrals, Emacs, etc.)
  • Network/Telephone trouble reporting:
    • Phone: (949) 824-2222 (24 hours a day)
    • E-mail: NACS-ECS@UCI.EDU (non-urgent only)
  • NACS Computer Operator
    • Location: Engineering Gateway 1141
    • Phone: (949) 824-6065
    • Computer facility and lab operations; 24 hour a day urgent problem reporting center for systems supported by NACS
  • Student consultants
    • Location: Engineering Gateway 1140
    • Hours: 8 AM – 8 PM Monday – Friday (when school is in session)
    • Assistance to students and others using NACS Mac, PC, X and UNIX labs and facilities
  • Academic Specialists on AVS, Matlab, Maple, Mathematica and other applications available

Central NACS Services

  • Convex C3840 high-end UNIX system
  • EA: Student “Educational Access” UNIX system cluster, providing electronic service to all students at UCI who request it (about 14,000 at present)
  • E4E: Electronic Access service for all Faculty and staff at UCI not otherwise served
  • DCSLIB: Campus-wide UNIX software environment for Sun, DEC and SGI computers; uniform access to popular and academic UNIX software
  • CWIS: Campus-wide information (gopher, Web) server (in conjunction with the Office of Analytical Studies and Information Management, OASIM)
  • News: Internet (USENET) News server
  • Orion and VMS: General access UNIX and VMS services with common software

Computer labs

  • 24 hour PC, Mac, X-terminal and dumb-terminal labs open to all of UCI, networked to the world
  • Lab laser printing, color printing, document scanner, digital cameras available
  • PC, Mac, and UNIX classroom labs available by reservation for instructional and other uses

Electronic Educational Environment

  • Student Educational Access (EA) accounts on UNIX systems
    • Enhanced/Increased capabilities for graduate students (Fall 1996)
  • Course-Centered Computer-Mediated Communication
    • Course Announcement Mailing lists and Archives (Fall 1996)
    • Web Areas for Individual Courses
    • Web Development Tools oriented towards instructional needs (e.g., interactive construction on-line quizzes for student self-evaluation)
    • Special Web Seminars and Support for Instructors
    • Course Management accounts on UNIX systems
    • Course-centered on-line discussion facilities (“Notepads”)
  • Integration of NACS services with other campus capabilities (e.g., Registrar’s Office on-line course information and management services, Clone Factory printing services, seminars and training sessions offered through the Libraries and academic units, etc.)

Communication Services

  • Infrastructure:
    • Inter and intra-building voice and data communications infrastructure design, installation, and maintenance services: fiber optic data backbone, copper telephone cable, Ericsson telephone system, building routers, and repeaters/hubs
    • Off-campus network connection to Internet via CERFnet, phone connection via Pacific Bell and long-distance service providers
    • Phone instrument installation and maintenance
    • UCInet network connection installation and maintenance
  • Network Service Infrastructure:
    • Campus-wide computer-name / network-address Domain Name Service (DNS)
    • Campus-wide authentication service (UCInetID’s)
    • Electronic Mail directory and delivery services
  • Dial-up modem service to UCInet via (949) 824-9000 and express (15 minute) (949) 824-8960
  • LISTSERV electronic mail mailing list services
  • Telephone directory services and campus phone operator
  • Campus-wide radio coordination and repeater services

Support Services for Departmental Computing

  • UNIX System and Network Administration services
  • Workstation Acquisition Service: Advice and assistance to those purchasing Sun, Digital Equipment or SGI workstations and peripherals (NACS is the Sun and SGI purchasing point for UCI)
  • File Backups: Remote over-the-network file saves to tape for UNIX systems
  • Site/Bulk software license coordination
  • Campus-wide coordination and technical services for departmental and workgroup support personnel
  • MS-Windows/Intel and Macintosh consulting services on time-available, hourly/recharge basis