In Brief April 2017

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Eduroam… WOW!

Did you know that your status as a member of the UC Irvine community gives you access to hundreds of wireless networks around the USA and the world?

Eduroam is a service that lets users at various institutions use one another’s networks by sending a permission request back to the home campus.  Once enabled, users often report surprise when their devices connect intelligently – and without prompting – to Eduroam sites away from home.

One key thing about Eduroam is that you must configure it on campus before using it anywhere else.

How can you get started with Eduroam? Have a look at the set up instructions from OIT:

If you run into any trouble the OIT Help Desk is ready to help:, x42222, or via our new Help Center.

Tips and Tricks: Webfiles

UCI has long had a secure on-campus file storage service, complete with file sharing and collaboration capability.  Recently, we upgraded the service to the latest version with more security and better user features.  Here are some tips on using Webfiles.

The update features several new menus (Bookmarks and Searches along the top; Manage and More Actions in the toolbar) to leave room for larger icons and a more compact display:

The toolbar is greyed out (as above) until you make a checkbox-selection of one or more files.  Features such as permissions, tickets, and subscriptions can be accessed through the Manage menu or by right clicking under “Shared With” next to a file.

A new View menu lets you choose between the traditional List view and a new Thumbnail view.

A new Reports and Tools tab shows you a summary of your active tickets and subscriptions.

In this version, as you open directories and sub-directories, you have a complete directory path so you can return directly to any parent directory.

You can designate individuals and groups you share files with via Contact Lists which you create through the Setup feature.

Finally, the Help function is much more complete, searchable, and organized hierarchically.


Campus Radio System Upgrade

Originally called the 800MHz Radio System, the Campus Radio System is the UCI approved radio system for campus. It is used for our day to day operations, special events and emergency communications. The system was over 20 years old prior to the upgrade.

The Campus Radio System has been upgraded to a standards-based P25 700/800MHz digital radio system.  We have augmented our six 800MHz channels with four new 700MHz channels for increased capacity.  The new system provides digital voice communications, encryption security, new radio models, and IP-based features.

To enable compatibility with the new radio system, our customers’ portable and mobile radios were replaced with new units or upgraded to provide digital radio communications with clearer, static-free voice transmission.

We will continue to support our Campus Radio System with a focus on availability and reliability.  In addition, we will be introducing new features and functionality (such as integration with smartphones) and working with each radio user group to understand your needs and interest in the new options.

We are in the process of updating our radio website content to include our new naming convention, new hardware requirements, repair procedures, training documents and user manuals.  Technical details about the radio upgrade are available on the OIT website.

OIT Does That? Classrooms and Labs

OIT manages smart classrooms and computer labs to enrich the educational environment for our students and to provide resources to instructors.

Classroom technology is assembled and maintained by the OIT Classroom Technology Support (CTS) team.  They are responsible for 130 general-assignment smart classrooms. CTS also provides a will-call equipment rental service to the campus.

OIT Instructional Lab Support (ILS) supports 6 instructional lab classrooms, 5 drop-in computer labs, 2 staff training labs, and the virtual computing lab.  They also manage the printing management software and printing release stations in the computer labs and mobile printing.

Together, CTS and ILS ensure that hundreds of computers and other devices are functional, updated, regularly replaced, and ready for a range of instructional and training needs.

CTS and ILS work on behalf of instructors, departments, schools, clubs, and off-campus groups, and collaborate with a variety of teams on classroom, lab, or learning-space related projects.  Examples include:

Have questions about what we do, or what we can do for you? Feel free to contact our management team directly, or contact the CTS smartclassroom help desk (, x48833) or the OIT help desk (, x42222).