Tips and Tricks: Webfiles

UCI has long had a secure on-campus file storage service, complete with file sharing and collaboration capability.  Recently, we upgraded the service to the latest version with more security and better user features.  Here are some tips on using Webfiles.

The update features several new menus (Bookmarks and Searches along the top; Manage and More Actions in the toolbar) to leave room for larger icons and a more compact display:

The toolbar is greyed out (as above) until you make a checkbox-selection of one or more files.  Features such as permissions, tickets, and subscriptions can be accessed through the Manage menu or by right clicking under “Shared With” next to a file.

A new View menu lets you choose between the traditional List view and a new Thumbnail view.

A new Reports and Tools tab shows you a summary of your active tickets and subscriptions.

In this version, as you open directories and sub-directories, you have a complete directory path so you can return directly to any parent directory.

You can designate individuals and groups you share files with via Contact Lists which you create through the Setup feature.

Finally, the Help function is much more complete, searchable, and organized hierarchically.


Web-based File Sharing

Network & Academic Computing Services is proud to announce our new Webfiles service. Webfiles enables UCI faculty and staff to share electronic information (files) among themselves and with their non-UCI colleagues using a familiar Web interface. You can maintain your file storage via Web browser or by creating a folder (directory) on your desktop Windows, Macintosh, or Unix system using the “WebDAV” protocol. You can also create a “ticket” that can be e-mailed to allow conditional access to files by others.

To begin using Webfiles, visit and select the “Create new account” link. An e-mail message will be sent to your UCI address containing a Webfiles ticket to create your account. Click on the link in the e-mail message (or cut and paste it into your browser) to create your account, and you can then access 1 Gigabyte of shareable file space using your UCInetID and password.

Webfiles enables you to set access permissions, including making files public, available only to UCI affiliates, available only to a group you define, or available to no one except when you e-mail someone a ticket.

One good use for Webfiles is in place of large e-mail attachments. You will find detailed instructions on the various Webfiles features on the Webfiles home page or at

Please be mindful of UCI policies and Copyright Law when choosing what materials to share on this service. Also, please do not use the WebDAV option except on a system you have exclusive control over.

Please direct your comments and questions to the NACS Response Center (824-2222,