Costly Phone “Service”

NACS would like the campus to beware an unnecessary telephone cost you may incur.

There are companies which buy up large numbers of toll-free phone numbers which are very close to other, popular companies’ toll-free numbers (such as Federal Express.)

When you misdial, you may get connected to this kind of outfit. That company may offer to forward your call to the intended number, and may charge a fee for that.

With anything less than perfect attention and patience, you may hear the invitation to be transferred, and not hear the notification of the transfer fee. Some departments are finding themselves billed $3 per misdialed call.

Here is an example message. You can see how easy it is to unwittingly authorize a charge.

“Hello. If you are trying to reach Federal Express, you have misdialed and will be given the opportunity to receive the correct number by pressing one now or any time during this message. Our patent-pending process will provide you with the number for two dollars and ninety-nine cents which will be billed to your local telephone bill as ‘call connect.’ Rotary callers may stay on the line to be connected, or at any time during this message, you may hang up and check the number with directory assistance. Please hold or press one now … ”

NACS is publicizing this perfectly legal “service” in hopes of increasing awareness and saving the University money