New Telephone Features

NACS would like to make you aware of new feature enhancements now available on the campus telephone system. “Name Display” displays your name to called party. “Number Log” stores caller information for missed calls. “Personal Number” allows you to have multiple call diversion points.

Name Display

With this feature, your name, department name, or your unit’s function will be displayed along with your extension number when you call a campus extension that is equipped with a multi-line telephone set. The “name” can be up to 26 characters including spaces.

Number log

This feature logs the last 16 unanswered calls. The 17th unanswered call will over-write the oldest call. The log will contain the phone number and the date and time the call was received. A function key LED will flash when numbers are in the log. The logged calls can be scrolled through by pressing a standard pre-programmed button to advance to the next entry. The telephone number of the calling party can be dialed by pressing a standard pre-programmed button.

Personal Number

This feature provides up to five different call-diversion lists or profiles, each consisting of up to 10 destination numbers. When someone calls a telephone that has a Personal Number profile enabled, the profile selected determines which numbers will be called and in what order. For example, one profile might try your office phone, and if no answer, your home phone, then your cell phone, and if still no answer it could go to your voice mail. The profiles must be programmed for your telephone line by our technicians. You can then chose from among your profiles using your telephone key pad.Please contact NACS Telecommunications Customer Service at (949) 824-5123 for further information or visit our Web site at