Blocking Misbehaving Systems Protects UCInet

NACS is working hard to ensure that a robust and secure UCInet is always available to do the University’s business. To that end, we will occasionally deny access to systems which threaten the safe operation of the network.

Whenever a system connected to the UCInet is discovered attacking other computers, or engaging in other forms of inappropriate behavior (such as the illegal distribution of copyrighted material), NACS may block that system from further network access. Occasionally, NACS may also block systems that have not been patched in a timely manner against particularly nasty viruses.

There are two simple strategies you can follow if you suspect your system has been blocked. You can search the blocked systems list at (usually, you’ll need to use an unblocked system to do that). Or, you can call NACS at (949) 824-2222. Our helpful consultants will explain why your system was blocked, and what to do to correct the problem. Generally, once you have taken the appropriate steps, the system can be unblocked within a few hours. Please note, however, that unblocking can only be performed during regular business hours except in emergency situations.

NACS is responsible for UCInet, but you are responsible for the proper operation of your own systems. By staying up to date on security patches, and by carefully abiding by the Computer and Network Use Policy at you can preserve your access to the UCInet and help guarantee a secure and reliable service for the entire campus.