Conferencing with ReadyTalk


OIT offers a versatile teleconferencing solution, ReadyTalk, to faculty and staff.   ReadyTalk is much more than a telephone conference service.  Some of the ways you can use ReadyTalk are described below.

Quick Launcher – Enables conference leaders to initiate an audio conference or a web conference with just 2 mouse clicks. More information and a link to the download are located here

Outlook Scheduler – Meeting organizers can add their ReadyTalk conference login to an Outlook meeting request with a single mouse click.  This is convenient for organizers and the invitation makes it convenient for participants to join a meeting.  Participants can choose to dial into the conference or they can click on a ‘Call Me’ link and have ReadyTalk call and connect them to their meeting. Check out more information and a link to the download here

ReadyTalk for Google – Meeting organizers can add their ReadyTalk conference login to Google Calendar meeting request with a single mouse click.  You can download the Google Scheduler here

ReadyTalk for Lync – ReadyTalk’s integration with Lync makes it easy to connect with individuals directly from your active directory of contacts.  Right click on any contact to send them a link to join an instant meeting.  For more information:

Other features of ReadyTalk include:

  • Chairperson dial me:  Conference leaders can choose to dial their conference phone number, access code and passcode in order to access their conference call OR they can choose to have the bridge call out to their phone and connect them to their meeting.  Chairperson dial me is available through the Quick Launcher and within the web conference interface so that you can choose the entry point that is most convenient for you when you host your meetings.
  • Video Conferencing:  Build stronger connections with the individuals you meet with by using ReadyTalk’s video conferencing service for your meetings.  The video conferencing service is offered as a complement to web conferences where attendees need the ability to see each other.  Up to 25 people can attend and see the video streams of up to 4 attendees at any one time. The  video streams can be swapped out so that you can share the video of different individuals throughout your meeting. The service is designed to help IT organizations manage bandwidth utilization across their organization where our service is concerned and to provide adequate real estate for the individuals to review a slide desk, document and other visual content during a meeting.
  • VoIP: In addition to accessing a conference call via telephone, ReadyTalk now offers the option for hosts and attendees to join a conference call via VoIP (using their computer).  Meetings may have a blend of access methods across the spectrum of attendees.  Some individuals may call in by phone and others may use VoIP for the same call.  The chairperson opens a web conference in order to make VoIP available and then individuals can select the access method that is appropriate for themselves. A headset is recommended for our service to ensure the best audio quality experience.

Questions about ReadyTalk can be directed to ReadyTalk Customer Care.