In Brief September 2014

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New OIT Web Site


Last month, OIT introduced a new web site, full of features intended to make it easier for UCI faculty, staff, and students to find the information and services they need. Here is a brief tour of some of those features.

A version of this article with screenshots can be found on the OIT web site.


If you’re looking for information on a particular service, you can browse the services section of the menu bar, or access the services directly from the alphabetical list on the home page. They are organized by category.

Audience Landing Pages

One of the most significant changes is our new Audience Menu at the top of the website.  We have created audience landing pages to make it easier to find OIT services that relevant to various campus audiences. Each link goes to a page with a collection of links relevant to that group (undergraduates, faculty, staff, researchers, etc.)

Homepage Sidebar

Other areas of note are arranged on the right edge of the home page.  Service alerts will advise you when there are issues with a major campus service. There is a convenient set of links with logins to various email, calendar, and file storage services, as well as a collection of links for common needs. There is also a sidebar with links to various forms of assistance.

Website Feedback

Finally, if you have suggestions for improvement to the site (either corrections or additions to a page, or new pages that would be useful to you) there is a feedback gadget on the right side of every page.

New and enhanced features on EEE

The Office of Information Technology has been hard at work making improvements and adding functionality to the Electronic Educational Environment (EEE). The development team has modernized the look and feel of EEE, enhanced the mobile version, and made a significant number of functional updates (selected updates described below).

EEE Homepage

In addition to the enhanced features on EEE, you can access official UCI photos using the newly released MyPhoto functionality. Instructors and students can click on ‘Classmates’ on MyEEE to access the photos, which are made available based on user-preferences. For more information, please see

EEE also has a new YouTube channel, which contains a growing number of videos focused on new and existing functionality of the system.

Instructors, staff and students at UCI continue to use EEE in innovative ways and provide us with feedback about how to improve or expand the system. Your input about new features and enhancements, or questions about how to use EEE are welcome!

EEE Mobile

  • Released ‘My Grades’
  • Released ‘Room Finder’
  • Released ‘Contact Us’
  • Enhanced view of classes for Summer Session courses
  • Provided an introduction to EEE Mobile at


  • Released ability to download a custom zip file, which includes only selected files
  • Provided a manifest file for each zip download, which facilitates recording of assignment scores in GradeBook
  • Increased default individual quota for all users from 3 GB to 5 GB

Help Documentation


  • Added capability to provide non-enrolled students with access to a restricted website
  • Automatically display the total number of times a document in a ‘Class Files’ section has been downloaded
  • User interface updates to increase the speed of page loads and mitigate against accidental site deletion


  • Provided CSV download of classes
  • Updated ‘Ask a Librarian’ Chat Widget


  • Provided functionality to require students to agree to an ‘Academic Honesty Statement’ prior to taking quiz
  • User interface updates to instructor quiz views and scoring interface and mitigate against a student closing a window and losing responses


  • Enable hidden identity, in addition to anonymous and identified
  • Allowed group UCInetIDs to create and administer messageboards
  • Provided input-checking to provide users with more immediate feedback when attaching files to posts

Kuali Financial System Debuts


Accounting and Fiscal Services, in partnership with OIT and other units, rolled out the campus’s new Kuali Financial System on July 7, replacing 30-year-old legacy systems.  Modules include Chart of Accounts, General Ledger, Financial Processing, Contracts & Grants Award (post), Purchasing, Accounts Payable, Capital Assets, Travel, and Budget in addition to a new Vendor Onboarding system and Cognos reporting solution.

To log into KFS, first log in to ZotPortal, and select the following tabs:

  • Faculty & Staff
  • KFS

Many resources are available to KFS users including an informative web site, an email newsletter (with archives of previous issues, available to subscribers), and training programs on the UC Learning Center.  Help is available from the KFS help desk (x4-7001,

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