Print Anywhere with Mobile Printing


OIT has recently extended the printing service in the OIT computing labs to support “mobile printing.”   Mobile Printing allows UCI students, faculty and staff to send printouts (documents or web pages) to printers in the computer labs from mobile devices such as laptops, tablets and cell phones.  Mobile printing supports a range of common document formats, including Word, PDF, and various image formats.

Printers for this service are available in the following locations:

  • Student Center C138 [OIT]
  • Social & Behavioral Sciences Gateway G200 & G240 & G241 [OIT]
  • Social Science Tower 107 [OIT]
  • Natural Sciences 1 2144 & 3116 [OIT]
  • Multipurpose Science & Technology Building 210 & 226 [OIT]
  • Humanities Hall 269 [HIRC]
  • Engineering Hall 1151 [HSSoE]
  • Engineering Computing Trailer 123 [HSSoE]
  • Multipurpose Science & Technology Building 224 [HSSoE]

Printing a document involves a few simple steps:

  • You must connect to UCInet, either by using an existing connected system, the VPN, or UCInet Mobile Access (campus Wi-Fi).
  • Start the Mobile Printing service.
  • Identify the location you wish to print to.
  • Identify the document or web page you wish to print.
  • Go to the chosen printer and use your UCI ID card to authorize the printout.  (You will need to have pre-loaded value on your card at a Regenerator station.)

More detailed instructions with screenshots can be found on the mobile printing instructions page.

iTunes U Courses

iTunes U has a new feature allowing instructors to create and distribute complete courses featuring audio, video, books, and other content. Students and lifelong learners can experience these courses for free using the iTunes U app for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.

The iTunes U app gives students access to all the course material in one place. They can play audio, video, read books and view presentations. They can also see a list of all the assignments for the course and check them off once complete.

Instructors use iTunes U Course Manager, a web based tool, to gather all the materials to create the course.

UCI’s OpenCourseWare is an early adopter. Current UCI courses include:

  • Foundations of Public Health, Professor Oladele Ogunseitan
  • Introduction to Cosmology, Professor James Bullock
  • Organic Chemistry,  Professor James Nowick
  • Organic Spectroscopy, Professor James Nowick

iTunes U Course Manager

To learn more and create your own courses on iTunes U, please see our iTunes U for Content Providers page.

Introducing Faculty Websites

Screenshot - Anechoic Research Facility Home

Example of a Faculty Website

Faculty Websites is a service provided by the Office of Information Technology in collaboration with the academic units. Our goal is to enable UCI Faculty to create a website for themselves or their research lab easily. We are using WordPress, the same technology that runs our Sites@UCI service.

We have customized the Faculty Websites service to make it quick and easy for faculty members to create a website using templates – sample pages ready to be edited. All content creation and editing is done through a web browser and requires no web-development experience. You can authorize other UCI people to help maintain your content.

To see if this service is right for you, read about the benefits and limitations. If you would like to request a website, click the “Request a Website” button on the Faculty Websites homepage.

iTunes U for UCI

Digital sign

UC Irvine uses Apple’s iTunes U to make podcasts readily available to faculty, staff, and students. Using iTunes U, you can access course content and university information from within iTunes.

To access UCI on iTunes U, you will need to have the latest version of iTunes installed on your Mac or PC computer. You can find UCI’s content in iTunes U by searching for “UC Irvine”, browsing Universities & Colleges, or using the direct link below.

If you have podcasts that you would like to include in UCI’s iTunes U site, you can apply to become a contributor. There are some technical requirements including needing an Apple ID and the Safari web browser (4.0.3 or later). In most cases, your school’s IT support team is available to assist you in using iTunes U.  OIT is also available to those who need advice or expertise beyond the experience of your local support staff. Detailed information is available at OIT’s page for iTunes U content providers.  More general information can be found on OIT’s iTunes U FAQ.


Google Apps for UCI

Google Apps

Google Apps

UCI is among many Universities now partnered with Google to provide email and collaborative online tools to students.

Among the tools is a Gmail account linked to the student’s UCInetID, thus providing the familiar Gmail interface for a student’s official university communication, with the ability to link that account to other Gmail identities, or to form groups with other UCI students.  While UCI students continue to have access to the same email system used by faculty and staff, UCI Gmail may be more familiar or better suit their needs.

Google Apps for UCI includes other useful tools for students which foster a sense of belonging to the UCI community and promoting collaborative work, including Google Docs (productivity tools analogous to Office), Google Sites (for creating Web sites), Google Talk (instant messaging), and Google Calendar (for keeping track of schedules, appointments, and campus events.)

More information may be found at the Google Apps for UCI web site.