Radio Rental Program

The radio rental program provides 800MHz hand-held radios to campus departments requiring radios for special events or other short-term use.

NACS has a pool of 12 radios available for rent. The rental fee is $10 per radio, per day. The maximum rental period is two weeks. The rental includes one radio, a battery, and a charger. A single desktop charger or a 6 pocket charger will be provided based on the number of radios rented.

Radios will be programmed with your department’s standard template unless otherwise specified. Custom template programming is also available.  Programming services are $60/hr with a 1-hour minimum.  The radios will be fully charged, tested, and ready to operate at time of pick up.

To order rental radios, please submit the NACS Service Request Form .  Select “800MHz Radio” for the type of service requested. Use the comments section at the bottom of the form to request radio rental and include the desired rental dates. Brian Chrisman, NACS Radio Systems Specialist, will contact you to finalize the rental details.

If you have any questions regarding this rental program, please contact Brian at (949) 824-8151, or email