Online Telecommuncations Service Request Form

NACS online Service Request Form

NACS Online Service Request Form

NACS clients are asked to use our online service request form for making network and telecommunications service requests.  Orders for telephones and lines, wired and wireless network services,  voice mail services, cellular services, calling cards, 800 Mhz radio services, conference unit rental, account fund changes and other telecommunications services are all possible through the use of the online order form.  Requests for telephone and network services at the same location can be ordered together with a single form.

Orders are reviewed, dispatched to the appropriate team for processing, scheduled, and completed typically within five business days.  Orders for 10 or more services require longer lead times.  NACS will do our best to meet any client deadline.

Once an order is in the system, you will receive email confirmation, and you will be able to check on its status online.  A set of administrative tools allows you to review or search through open orders.

If you need assistance with your order, need to make changes to it, or cancel it, or if you would like to check on the feasibility of a tight deadline, contact NACS Telecommunications Customer Support at x45123 or

Service Request Form Now Online

NACS’s service request form (SRF) is now available on line. It is intended as a replacement for the current paper-based form. To use the new form, please visit:

Use the form to request new service or modify any of the telecommunication or network services offered by NACS. These services include, but are not limited to, telephone, voice mail, network, cellular service, and 800Mhz radio. You can track the status of a service request at:

For more information on the services offered, please refer to the following:

The online form has several advantages over the paper version. Customers will see that it is easier to complete the online form than to print, fill out, and fax the paper form. NACS can streamline requests that are submitted electronically, and better track fulfillment.

NACS will continue to accept the paper service request form at least through June 30, 2005. Please direct questions or comments to NACS Telecommunications Customer Service at (949) 824-5123, or by email at