Last summer, NACS Electronic Communication Services implemented a pilot program to allow online updates to faculty and staff directory listings. This streamlined the update process and eliminated the need for paper mark-up listings for participating departments. NACS will again be offering online access for updates this year; to register and sign-up for a training class, call NACS ECS Customer Service at 824-5123.

If you have updates that you would prefer to have processed now, your campus telephone directory provides the necessary forms on pages 30 and 31. Submitting the updates now will save you from the larger job of making all updates via the mark-up listings in July.


One of the most frequent requests made of UCI’s e-mail postmaster is to lookup an e-mail address. UCI’s electronic phone book can be accessed from Eudora and also from the Web via “Ph-WWW”: http://www.uci.edu/cgi-bin/phwww

This tool allows you to search for a person by name, phone number, department, or a combination of these and other fields. More information on the capabilities of this search can be found by clicking on “More Information about PHWWW” on the Web page.

So next time you need an e-mail address, “let your fingers do the walking.”


In a time when we are all seeking ways to cut costs, one place to look may be on your telecommunications expenses. Each month, NACS Electronic Communication Services (ECS) provides your department with a telephone bill that details the ECS equipment and services you are paying for monthly. We suggest that departments review the billing statement for accuracy. If any questionable charges are found, just call our billing staff at extension 4311 for clarification. In the review process it is not uncommon to come across a line or service that you may no longer need or use and yet you continue to pay for it. In this case, you may submit an NACS-ECS Request Form to have the service discontinued. You may be surprised at the savings!