Visitor Access to UCInet Mobile Access

UCInet Mobile Access is UCI’s wireless (WiFi) network, accessible from almost anywhere on campus.  Normally, access to this network is restricted to devices previously registered by their campus (faculty, staff, student) owners.

However, the wireless network includes a system for limited, short-term access by visitors.  Called “Visitor Express Registration,” visitors may connect to the network, agree to certain terms of use, then be connected to UCInet for a 24-hour period up to seven times in a month.  Visitor use of UCInet is restricted to Web, email (IMAP and SMTP), and secure shell (SSH).

If visitors need longer access than Visitor Registration provides, a UCI faculty, staff, or graduate student may register the visitor’s device for up to 4 weeks using manual registration.  The visitor only needs to supply the MAC address.

UCI also supports the Eduroam standard, allowing visitors whose home institution also supports Eduroam to use that network ID to connect to UCInet Mobile Access.

Visitor Access to UCInet

UCInet Mobile Access

1-Day Access

Visitors to the campus who need temporary access to the internet with a laptop or mobile device may make use of Express Registration for the UCInet Mobile Access network.  In order to do this, the visitor should go to a wireless access location, open a web browser, and connect to any web page.  (See list of wireless locations). This will direct the visitor to our registration process.  Access is granted for 24 hours, and this access will only be granted seven times in a 30-day period. Visitor access is restricted to Web, email, and secure shell (SSH).

4-Week Access

There is a second option for visitors who need access to UCInet beyond the restrictions of Express Registration.  Manual Registration is a process by which UCI faculty, staff, or graduate students can authorize access for a visitor.  The authorizer will need to use his or her own UCINetID and password, and will need the MAC address (the unique address of the network card) of the visitor’s laptop or other mobile device.  More information on these two options can be found at the UCInet Mobile Access Registration page.

Longer-Term Access

Another option is available for guests whose visit to UCI will be longer than a month.  (Examples include visiting scholars, volunteer faculty/staff, or those who may be employees of a different UC campus but are teaching here.)  In these cases a faculty or management-level staff member may request a Sponsored UCInetID for the visitor.  This is essentially a normal UCInetID, but it is only valid for as long as the sponsor authorizes it — typically one to four quarters.  Note that the Sponsored UCInetID request form is now online and requires the sponsor to log in with his or her own UCInetID and password.


Visitors from participating educational institutions may choose to gain access to UCInet using their home-campus network identities via the Eduroam secure federated network access service.  For eligible visitors, this option may be a better choice given the requirements and restrictions of the alternatives listed above.

Three Common Questions

I have forgotten my UCInetID password. What can I do now?

  1. Access the UCInetID Web form at: .
  2. Click on “I forgot my password.”
  3. You will be asked to prove your identity with your UCInetID, your date of birth, and the last four digits of your social security number.
  4. Once you have correctly entered that information, you will be asked the password reset question you supplied when you activated your UCInetID.

If you do not have a password question on file, or if you are unable to answer the question, you will have to visit the NACS Response Center in E2130 Engineering Gateway with photo ID. We can reset your UCInetID, at which point you will be able to reactivate it, choosing a new password and establishing a password reset question.

How do I set up my laptop to connect to the wireless network at UCI?

In most cases, there are three basic steps.

  1. Determine the network address of your wireless network device.
  2. Register that address using your UCInetID and password.
  3. Configure your laptop to connect to UCI’s wireless network, UCInet Mobile Access.

Instructions for finding the network address of your wireless card are at: .

Registration of that address can be done at: .

Advice for configuring your system to connect to UCInet Mobile Access can be found at: .

Can I change my UCI email address?

Email addresses by default are based on your UCInetID and take the form “”.

There are two basic ways you can alter the email address you use at UCI.

  1. The simplest way is to choose a “” address. This service allows faculty and staff to choose a more natural email address based on their name, while keeping their existing UCInetID. (This option is not presently available to students.)To make this request, visit the My.Name page at: .
  2. If you need to, you can change your UCInetID. Please visit this web page for more information: .