Improving Wireless Connectivity

UCInet Mobile Access

UCInet Mobile Access

UCInet Mobile Access, UCI’s wireless network, comprises more than 800 access points (APs).  An “access point” is a network device which your computer connects to using wireless Ethernet.  The access point then forwards your network traffic to the wired network, in this case UCInet.

Express Registration

Express Registration allows a UCI affiliate to connect to the wireless network with a UCInetID and password, no longer requiring advance registration of the wireless card’s MAC address (that’s the 12-digit code arranged as six pairs separated by colons). Visitor Express Registration allows visitors to the campus to gain temporary access to the network without arranging for a sponsor.


NACS has recently deployed a new wireless technology (Cisco’s Wireless Internet Service Module — “WISM”) which enables a variety of new services.  WISM technology improves the performance of the wireless network by:

  • automatically and dynamically allocating bandwidth as needed
  • using dynamic channel reassignment to reduce channel conflicts and interference from competing APs
  • dynamically adjusting the wireless transmission power output of the APs
  • allowing “seamless roaming” between APs.

WISM also provides NACS with better tools to manage, monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize the wireless network, and makes Express Registration possible.

These new features are only available in certain campus buildings where WISM has been deployed, including Bren Hall, the Student Center, and the Libraries. NACS continues to deploy the WISM technology in more locations on campus and, subject to available funding, will eventually deploy WISM technology in all campus wireless network locations.

Three Common Questions

I have forgotten my UCInetID password. What can I do now?

  1. Access the UCInetID Web form at: .
  2. Click on “I forgot my password.”
  3. You will be asked to prove your identity with your UCInetID, your date of birth, and the last four digits of your social security number.
  4. Once you have correctly entered that information, you will be asked the password reset question you supplied when you activated your UCInetID.

If you do not have a password question on file, or if you are unable to answer the question, you will have to visit the NACS Response Center in E2130 Engineering Gateway with photo ID. We can reset your UCInetID, at which point you will be able to reactivate it, choosing a new password and establishing a password reset question.

How do I set up my laptop to connect to the wireless network at UCI?

In most cases, there are three basic steps.

  1. Determine the network address of your wireless network device.
  2. Register that address using your UCInetID and password.
  3. Configure your laptop to connect to UCI’s wireless network, UCInet Mobile Access.

Instructions for finding the network address of your wireless card are at: .

Registration of that address can be done at: .

Advice for configuring your system to connect to UCInet Mobile Access can be found at: .

Can I change my UCI email address?

Email addresses by default are based on your UCInetID and take the form “”.

There are two basic ways you can alter the email address you use at UCI.

  1. The simplest way is to choose a “” address. This service allows faculty and staff to choose a more natural email address based on their name, while keeping their existing UCInetID. (This option is not presently available to students.)To make this request, visit the My.Name page at: .
  2. If you need to, you can change your UCInetID. Please visit this web page for more information: .

Guest Wireless Registration

NACS now offers faculty and staff the ability to sponsor temporary wireless guest access. Guest registration is intended for use by faculty and staff who need to temporarily enable wireless UCInet network access for visiting colleagues.

To add temporary guest registrations, visit the current registration page:

Click on the “Register to use Mobile Access” link, login with your UCInetID and password, and click the “Add Guest Registrations” link. You may register up to 25 systems. You may then select an expiration date of one day, one week, or four weeks hence.

For more information, please visit the UCInet Mobile Access main Web page at:

Or, for additional help, please call or email NACS.

UCI Ranked “Most Wireless”

A recent survey ranks UCI #14 among universities responding to a recently completed survey on wireless networking.

Intel’s “Most Unwired College Campuses” survey ranks the top 100 schools for wireless computing access. The survey reveals a growing number of schools across the country where students have the freedom to wirelessly access the Internet on notebook PCs — without a traditional wired connection — and stay connected and informed whether they’re in the dorm room, library or outdoors at the campus quad.

While Intel’s focus was on students, NACS has made wireless networking a priority in recognition of its value to both the research and instructional roles of the university.

BioSci Gets High-Speed Wireless

In partnership with Biological Sciences (Bio Sci), NACS recently completed the installation of UCInet Mobile Access wireless networking in McGaugh Hall using a new higher speed wireless network technology called 802.11g (“11g”). This is the first 11g service installed at UCI.

The 11g technology can perform up to five times as fast as the 802.11b (“11b”) wireless technology used at UCI until now. Another advantage of 11g is that it is “backward compatible” with 11b network cards, so computers that have worked at other UCI wireless sites will still work at BioSci (albeit at the slower speed). NACS will soon be installing 11g in Steinhaus Hall.