Learning to Use Exchange Calendar

In order to assist Oracle Calendar users with the transition to Exchange Calendar, OIT is offering several means for you to familiarize yourself with the new service.

Live training is being offered at several levels: Introductory and Advanced, as well as specialized training for “delegates” – those who manage other calendars (for example, rooms or campus officers) – and for those involved in IT support.

Introductory classes are offered as small, hands-on classes in Social Sciences Tower room 104, and as larger lecture-style classes in Humanities Gateway room 1030.  You can check the Exchange Calendar training page for the schedule, and you can enroll via the UC Learning Center (search for “Exchange”.)  Advanced classes are also held in SST 104.  Programs for delegates and IT supporters are scheduled on request.

OIT also offers self-help information on the OIT Exchange web site, with detailed information on how to accomplish many common tasks such as logging in via Outlook Web Access or setting up mobile devices.  There also a FAQ and a collection of known issues related to UCI’s implementation of Exchange.

Migrating Oracle Calendar Data

OIT will be copying calendar data from Oracle Calendar to Exchange Calendar the weekend of August 4-5, immediately before Exchange Calendar becomes the production calendar on Monday August 6.

Oracle Calendar will become unavailable after close of business on Friday August 3, and Exchange Calendar will be on line at 4am on Monday August 6.

All calendar events, for all Oracle Calendar users and all Oracle Calendar resources, will be transferred.  There are some differences in how calendar events are defined in the two systems:

  • Exchange differentiates between an event that includes only you (an “Appointment”) and an event that includes others (a “Meeting”).
  • Daily Events and Daily Notes in Oracle Calendar will become All-Day Events in Exchange.  Availability will be set as “Free” to avoid scheduling conflicts.
  • Exchange deletes events that you have declined, so Oracle Calendar events you indicated you would not attend will not appear in Exchange.
  • Repeating meetings in Oracle Calendar will be transferred as repeating meetings only if the repetition follows a very simple pattern.  Other repeating meetings will be transferred as a group of independent events.

More information can be found on the Calendar migration web page.